Society for Professional Background Screeners (SPBS)

We are an independent non – profit umbrella trade association of Professional Background Screeners in Nigeria.

Who We Are

The Society for Professional Background Screeners (SPBS) is an independent non - profit umbrella trade association of Professional Background Screeners in Nigeria.
CAC/IT/NO 131182

Our History

 The Association aims to promote ethical business practices and foster awareness of privacy rights and consumer protection issues as well as establish acceptable and evidenced standards of and for background screening professionals and organizations in Nigeria.

It advances industry objectives by providing the standards, operating framework, support, and forum for open exchanges of innovations and ideas.

It also sponsors research on issues relevant to the industry. The Association membership cuts across practitioners, institutions, corporate and public sector organisations and presents a unified voice of and for the industry.


The Society for Professional Background Screeners accreditation program establishes standards and advances professionalism in background checks, verification and screening through the promotion of best practices, statutory and legal compliance, the protection of end users of the services, the evaluation of companies and individuals engaged in the industry and practices and the award of accreditation to those deemed to meet the accreditation requirements

Our Purpose

We work alongside national and international firms.

We are driven in large part by the need to reduce risks’ exposures plus integrity issues/concerns in the country leading to decisions to dig deeper instead of accepting claims and information presented at face value.

Workplace crime, unethical business practices, and misleading résumés are on the rise. The costs of fraud, embezzlement, theft and violence are drains on our economy, bleeding organizations both large and small on daily basis. Background screenings are being used today not only (to)screen prospective employees and volunteers, but also to screen prospective business partners, political candidates, board members, trial witnesses, community leaders, and so on.


Aims & Objectives


Provide relevant and continuous professional development programs and training aimed at empowering members to better serve clients and to maintain standards of excellence


Promote ethical business practices, promote compliance with General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] guidance and its equivalent in Nigeria and in the absence of such regulatory framework, champion promulgation thereto, and foster awareness of issues related to consumer protection and privacy rights within the background screening industry.


Further develop the profession and expand the marketplace by encouraging background screening as an integral and essential part of the employment selection processes


Establish a Nigerian Background Screeners Association responsible for articulating and advancing mitigation of risks whilst ensuring security and safety through Background Checks services and practices as well as ensuring professional practice among all practitioners and member organisations


Engage with government and all stakeholders provide a unified voice on behalf of members about issues pertinent to and impacting the background checks practice and industry.


Conduct research on issues and topics relevant to the consumer protection and privacy rights

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Protecting the rights of consumers;

Helping public and private employers avoid legal exposure(s) for negligent hiring;

Helping ensure a safe workplace and avoid the issues associated with workplace violence, theft, hiring based upon fraudulent credentials, or hiring insurgents/terrorists;

Our Purpose

Helping employers comply with international best standards for hiring;

Playing a critical part in the nation’s security effort by screening out potential threats

Helping improve both the profitability and productivity of Nigerian business by helping employers make better hiring decisions and lowering the high cost of turnover.

Our Guiding principles

Here are the principles that aids our decision making process.

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